Going green


Beacon Distributors Helps Customers “ Go Green 

Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone about their interest in “Going Green” many people get this glassy eyed, overwhelmed look!? Seriously, it is a very daunting task just knowing how to define “green” and where to get started.


Many of our customers have felt this way until we showed them that very quietly, effectively and profitably, Beacon has helped them to start down the “green” path. Many of them were not even aware of it. The first thing we do is tell them that they don’t have to do it all at one time. We explain that part of being “green “ is REDUCING the amount of product used, REUSING what can be reused and RECYCLING everything possible.

Let us show you some of what we have done and offer:

Rest Room Papers

We offer paper items that are recycled and environmentally preferable. Many are Green Sealed or EcoLogo approved. Our systems provide the opportunity to reduce usage and waste.

Plastic Liners
Our liners are predominately high density, reducing the amount of plastic in each bag. We are the first distributor in New England to offer only biodegradable degradable liners to our customers, for no additional charge!

Hand Soap

In most cases, we recommend that our customers use foaming hand soap, reducing the amount of soap used in a facility. Many of these products are Green Seal approved and the packaging can be recycled.


We offer a complete line of concentrated chemicals that are environmentally sensitive that can reduce the amount of chemistry used. Many of these are Green Seal or EcoLogo approved.

Equipment and Tools

We offer everything from entry mats to vacuums that will assist you in cleaning your facility while improving the Indoor Air Quality.



We look forward to helping you “ Go Green ”!!